What is Performance Class?
        The performance class is geared for those who want more information on dance technique. Maghen will teach body positioning of head, shoulders, arms, hips, and feet. A routine will be taught to a specific song. When the class learns the routine, students will be invited to perform in a show case at one of the LMRA dances. If you take the class you are not required to dance in a show case, but you may if you wish.    Session 1 will be a continuation of a Waltz routine Maghen put together in Session 7, in 2009. This Waltz routine will be performed at the February 19th Valentine's dance. The  performance Class is schedule on Monday Night 8:00 to 8:45.

Samba Classes
         The Samba Class will include material that can be used for fast or slow dancing. Ballroom, Club, and Country Western music will be used. Polka may also be included.

Salsa Classes
         Advance Salsa Classes may also include Bachata or Paso Doble.

Night Club Two Step
          Night Club Two Step is danced to slow and medium tempo music. It is considered a club or country western dance.

          Waltz uses closed or crossed footwork for faster tempos. the advanced class will introduce Viennese Waltz

Slow Waltz
           Slow Waltz uses passing movements at the feet. it is used for slower tempos and progresses gracefully around the floor.


More coming soon